Customers Give Tips to Laundromat Owners

Since you’re someone who uses a laundromat, you likely have a good idea of what you do and don’t like at a laundry facility. Some folks like to handle everything themselves, others prefer to have an attendant providing step-by-step assistance. Some people don’t mind doing their laundry in dim lighting, but others feel safer with bright lights and a lot of space. It’s feedback on your preferences that helps laundromat owners improve your laundry experience.

Take a moment and share your tips for laundromat owners on what would create a better experience for you. Please do not share the name or location of any laundromats.

Give a tip!

Comments and suggestions welcome!
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One comment on “Customers Give Tips to Laundromat Owners
  1. Our customers love the free detergent and softener we provide , by automatic dispensing pumps at the correct time of the wash cycle. We buy the best quality products and the results are proof the our customers love to do their washing at our place.
    We have several laundromats in a 5-10 km radius and our market share is 60%
    We must be doing something right!
    We are the first in Perth Western Australia , to provide a pet washing machine, automatic free detergent,softener, huge 9,14,18,22 & 32 kg capacity coin operated machines, self services or staff on site to assist, and automatic opening door.

    And soon we will be the first in Australia to have both a laundry smart card, coin, eftpos, visa / mastercard credit/debit cards, facilities on each machine.

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