How to Find a Laundromat

You might need to find a laundromat when you have an item that’s too big for your at-home washing machine and dryer, or you’re looking for a new place to wash your garments. Perhaps your laundromat went out of business or you’ve moved to a new apartment or home that doesn’t have laundry facilities for you. There’s a few different ways for you to find a laundromat around your location.

  1. Ask your friends or other local people in town. Word of mouth is often the best recommendation you can get, especially from people who’ve used the facility before.
  2. Use online search like Google or our findalaundry laundromat directory below. Both lay everything out on a nice little map with a link to directions.
  3. Ask your dry cleaner. They might offer machines for you to use or they’ll direct you to a recommended laundromat.
  4. You’ll generally find a laundromat near locations that might need laundry facilities like apartment buildings, hotels or college campuses.
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